CI & SG Iron Casting Foundry

The foundry and machine shops are spread over 300,000 Sq.ft. of land with 1,25,000 sq.ft. Of built up area to produce 2200 MT of C.I. & S.G. iron castings per month. The present range of castings varies from 5.00 Kg to 50.00 Kg. in a single piece.

The foundry is well equipped with induction furnaces, sand plants, sand cooling plants, shot blasting, fettling & spray painting facilities. Cores are made by shell and cold box processes.

  • Automatic Flaskless Moulding & Sand Plant (SMC Controlled).
  • Induction Furnace 750KW 750Kg. capacity 3 sets.
  • Moulding box sizes 600 X 700 X 180 to 250 mm.
  • Moulding process Fully Automatic.
  • Sand plant with sand cooler 70 Ton capacity.
  • Shot blasting (Hanger type) machines.
  • In-house well equipped fettling shop.
  • Fully Automatic Spray Painting Shop.
  • Cores Shell cores & cold box cores are made in house by 2 machines.


Graded C.I. and S.G.I. Castings.


Casting Range

5 Kg. To 50 Kg


Monthly Volume


Our Foundry Infrastructure

Foundry Line Box Size Production Capacity Spare Capacity
ARPA 300 (Green Sand Moulding) 350 x 750 x 220 350 Tonnes PM 50T Spare Capacity
ARPA 450 (Green Sand Moulding) 650 x 750 x 220 to 300 350 Tonnes PM 100T Spare Capacity
HPML (Flask less) (Auto Pouring) (Grren Sand Moulding) 610 x 710 x 180 to 250 1500 Tonnes PM 500T Spare Capacity

Currently Producing Grades

Grade Hardness Range
FG220 180-230 BHN
FG260 190-240 BHN
FG350 197-240 BHN
SG450/12 149-187 BHN
SG500/7 170-240 BHN
SG600/3 190-270 BHN
SG600/10 200-250 BHN

New Product Development

PTC Creo is used for

Casting Model Preparation | Pattern Modeling | Core-box Modeling | AUTOCAST is used for Simulation of Casting Process
Fully Automatic Sand Plant
Fully Automatic Sand Plant
  • Control : PLC
  • Max. Usage : 40T
  • Max. Storage : 70T
  • Sand Mixer Capacity : 1T

DISA(Denmark) Flaskless Automatic Moulding Machine
DISA(Denmark) Flaskless Automatic Moulding Machine
  • Box Size : 600x700 mm
  • Box Height : 180 to 250 mm
  • Moulds per Hr. : 110 nos. - Coreless Products
  • Moulds per Hr. : 80 nos. - Cored Products
In house – Cold Box Core machine with core baking oven
In house – Cold Box Core machine with core baking oven
  • Make : Compax
  • Max. Core Weight : 50 Kg. (single piece)
  • Mountings (Horizontal) : 600x600x400 mm
  • Mountings (Vertical) : 600x400x400 mm
Automatic Core Mask Facility
Automatic Core Mask Facility
  • Max Core Weight : 50 Kg.
  • Max projection of core from core mask surface : 218 mm
Melting Furnaces
Melting Furnaces
  • Qty : 03 Nos.
  • Max. Capacity : 750kW/750 Kg.
Auto Pouring System
Auto Pouring System
  • Make : SSEC
  • Max. Capacity : 750 Kg.
  • Pouring Time : 13 Minutes

QC, Testing & Inspection Facilities

Spectro Lab

The company has its own full-fledged Testing Laboratory for foundry with all advanced testing facilities including Spectrometer, Image analyzer, Crack detector, Hardness testing , sand testing , core testing etc.

Spectro meter: To check the composition of C.I. and S.G. Iron castings.

Computerized Image analyzer: For checking microstructure of castings.

Optical hardness tester: Optical hardness tester is used for to check the BHN of castings.

Spectro Lab
Spectro Lab

Chemical Lab

C.E. Meter: For instant analysis of liquid metal to check percentage of Carbon and Silicon.

Chemical testing: Chemical testing lab for inspection of all raw materials like scrap, pigiron, bentonite, coalbond etc. We also check the composition of poured castings like Carbon, Silicon, Mangenese, Sulphur, Chromium etc.

Sand testing equipments: Sand testing equipments are used for checking GCS Permeability, Compactability, percentage of Moisture, AFS No, Active clay, dead clay etc.

Shell Sand testing equipments: Shell Sand testing equipments are used for Hot Tensile Strength, Peelback, Gas Evaluation etc.

Chemical Lab
Chemical Lab
Chemical Lab